Wealth Management 101

Wealth management is a term used to describe financial planning and investment strategies that aim to sustain and grow your wealth.

Wealth Management 101

Wealth management is a term used to describe financial planning and investment strategies that aim to sustain and grow your wealth. It also encompasses retirement planning and estate planning.

Wealth managers can help protect your assets from lawsuits, government authorities and other threats that may arise in your life. They can also offer specialized tax, estate and investment advice.


Taxes are a vital source of revenue for governments, and they fund public programs and work. They also help pay for social programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.

In the United States, taxes come in a variety of forms, including income taxes (deducted from wages), sales taxes and tariffs. In addition, there are estate taxes and gift taxes on property.

The income-consumption tax mix is an important policy issue for developing countries, especially since a rising level of economic development often generates additional needs for tax revenue. Nevertheless, the choice between taxing income and consumption is a tough one and should be subject to rigorous scrutiny of its effects on efficiency, equity, and fairness.

A good tax policy should adhere to two basic principles: symmetry and inclusiveness. These principles require that tax treatment for any given source of income is identical, with no exceptions, as well as that gains and losses be reflected in the same taxable net.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of deciding how to transfer your assets and possessions to your loved ones when you die. This is an important part of wealth management, as it will help you ensure your assets go to those you wish and avoid estate taxes, legal fees and disputes between family members.

A comprehensive estate plan will include a range of documents such as a will, living wills, health care powers of attorney and beneficiary designations. It also may include other important tools such as trusts that can help protect your assets and reduce your estate tax bill.

Estate planning is a complex process that needs to be reviewed on an ongoing basis in order to reflect changes in our lives and estate laws throughout the country. As such, it is best to consider enlisting the services of an advisor who will be able to guide you through this process and ensure your wishes are followed when the time comes.


Investments are a way to create wealth by putting money to work today in hopes of a larger payoff in the future. They are often considered risky, but can also have a positive return if done correctly.

Investing can include stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities. These types of investments can help you build up your emergency fund, retirement savings, and other goals.

A financial adviser can help you decide which investments are best for your goals. They can also help you understand how to manage your finances, and explain the risks of investing.

While investments can be intimidating at first, they are a great way to grow your savings and build up your emergency fund. However, it is important to consider your personal spending habits before making a decision.

Risk Management

Managing risk is a critical function for companies in the financial services industry. At banks and insurance companies, the process is a formal one headed by a chief risk officer (CRO), with risk departments often larger than those of nonfinancial firms.

As a result, the risks faced by these businesses tend to be well-understood and can be modeled with some accuracy. However, at other companies, risks are more complex and require the input of a wide variety of stakeholders - employees, customers, partners and investors - who have a better idea of what is most important to an organization.

As a result, the management of risk is an essential component of any wealth management program. Developing a risk-aware culture and communicating the need for strong risk management practices to employees throughout the enterprise are crucial.

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